Vegetarian Mary coal

Vegetarian Mary coal prices in providing smash charcoal field Offers
We offer you the best offers for coal plant
Egyptian Charcoal world-class
We have Ajwad kinds of charcoal
We offer a very high-quality vegetarian coal
Charcoal is 100% natural
And coal prices have Osartnavsih
We charcoal for all purposes
For the purposes of barbecue – and household purposes – and purposes, hotels and cafes – and for Arkilh (shisha)
Coal our specifications:
1. coal covering up is lime water.
2. are packing after sorting and disposal of all impurities before packing.
3-without any chemical additives.
4. Do not issue a curse or the smell of smoke.
5. ignite quickly.
6. remains burning period Taiwilhtsal to 6 hours approx.
7. safely used in homes and restaurants.
Vegetarian Mary coal we have the ability to provide any quantity because we work in the field of manufacturing and trading and Cartridge charcoal.